After School Special

We are the MCTC EDU 1900 Public Works Feminist Public Works group for Fall 2011! Another group name has not been chosen yet, though we won’t go by our acronym. We DO want to do some amazing things this year, even with limited time to enact anything.

In class we brainstormed some of the following:

We know a bit about various issues that affect women. We know they get paid less in society. There are still all sorts of beliefs about their abilities that continue to be perpetuated by the media.

What we need to know more of is about how we can be effective in changing these circumstances. What works most effectively to get people to consider these inequalities a problem? Part of what we know is that people should get informed about these issues  – the question is what works to do so.

How will we find out is through searching and perusing feminist resources like Feministe and Bitch magazine. Essentially, we should stay aware of current and traditional issues and solutions. We will also seek out a place that will host us which could be Second Foundations School or the Fair School.

If women were treated as equals on a global level, humanity would have achieved a great deal. In places like India, a girl’s life is not valued as much as a boys. In an equal world both sexes would be able to get an education and be fairly paid for their labor. Women would have as many or as few kids as they see fit. They would have a lot more control over their lives and the direction of their society.

If women were truly equals in the United States, we would see the Equal Rights Amendment passed and added to our Constitution. Women would be paid the same as men in similar careers. Women would not feel fully supported by their partners and employers when raising their children.

Essentially, we need to see this vision actually exist in our world of true equality among the sexes. There is a lot of talk about how important this is, yet there seems to be no action to change this. We would like to do something about it.

Some workshops that members have shown interest in having in an after school program are:

  • Deconconstructing Barbie
  • Self-defense
  • Punk rock
  • Poetry/Writing

These will evolve as we have more meetings. However, we feel that our project will be an after school program with the intention of empowering girls. We hope we find success in this endeavor!


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