First Draft Action Plan

Mission Statement

We intend to create an after school program with kids that promotes safe and open discussion relating to sexism, gender, and empowering young women.

The big issue our group is talking about is gender inequality. In the broad sense, women are discriminated against in many areas of our communities. Women are paid less. Women are objectified. Women are thought of as inferior to men in many situations with no evidence to support our societies gender bigotry. The way people are socialized in our communities makes it easy for these problems to persist. Our schools, jobs, homes, and neighborhoods help perpetuate sexism and patriarchal attitudes by teaching our youth that women are a class below men in our own version of the caste system.
Secondary Issues
There is not enough information for young adults about gender inequalities.
Our communities do not motivate young women to attempt to become part of something not typically set aside for female.

Connor- Sexism in music and music communities.


Specific- We all have different areas of individual interest and our plan is to develop workshops with a focus on these different, but specific, interests.

Measurable- Our goals can be measured by having students who attend our workshop(s) leave with a greater understanding of issues pertaining to gender equality.

Attainable- We already have connections with possible schools where we are going to try and set up our programs. We are confident that our project will be interested in having us and that we will be able to accomplish what we seek to.

Realistic- These goals are realistic because this topic is something that kids in our communities care about. They will come to be part of these workshops and schools will recognize that and help us to achieve our goals.

Time-Bound- We have included a timeline which details when each step of our project will take place.
Our intended audience will be students in middle school and above, although we will accept students of all ages. They will have some amount of interest in equality and a will to change their own surroundings.

The stakeholders in our project will be everyone involved. Us, as group members, will put a great deal of work into this and will be striving to achieve our goals. The school employees that allow us to present at their schools will be interested to see if what we have to say is important to their students. The students can be either empowered to do something good for their community by trying to break down gender stereotypes or will be let down if we don’t make it interesting and help them become involved.


Goal- Our goal is, essentially, to talk to kids about sexism and gender and to give them the opportunity to be involved in safe, honest, and open discussion on these topics. We want to open their eyes to things they possibly haven’t thought of or seen yet and to have our eyes opened by what they have to say. We just want students to show up and be involved in our project.

Oct 13th- First Draft of Action Plan Done
Oct 14th- Working Draft of Action Plan Reviewed by All Members
Oct 19th- Madalynn will begin communication with Second Foundation
Oct 26th- Refine goals and meet with schools
Nov 2nd- Rough Draft of Lesson/Workshop Plans
Nov 9th Lesson Plans ready to Practice
Nov 16th- Ready for 1st Workshop
Nov 23rd- Personal Reflection (Turkey, Tofurkey, Chinese Food)
Nov 30th- Possibly present more workshops, continue to work on final presentation
That’s what I got so far guys. Copy it and edit it yourselves or comment and let me know what you think I should change or add!

“Sexism is a disgusting undercurrent in our society and it needs to be fought and challenged.”
David Combs
Connor William Macklin


4 thoughts on “First Draft Action Plan

  1. Yay, this is exciting. I’m kind of embarassed to say it, but sometimes I love structure. Having this all laid out really helps me feel like we’re going somewhere. As far as personal interests, I would like to help in designing a workshop based around positive body images or perhaps self-defense. Thanks for writing this all out, dude.

  2. Thanks for posting this, Connor.

    My interests in this project are more broad than specific, so I will fill in where needed and gather information. However, I also would like to do something political or make our voices heard democratically. Even a group letter to our elected officials from workshop participants created while we are there would be something I would like to see happen.

  3. I see Connor’s self interest here–can the rest of you go into the draft of this post and add your self interest into the body of this post?

    Why only women? I am curious as to why your target audience is young women? I need a bit more clarification. It seems counter-intuitive to me. If women are the oppressed in this scenario and we are thinking about Freire, might engaging young men in this process lead to more transformation? It also seems to reify gender roles, even as you are purporting to move beyond them. Naturally, I could be totally off base, but please clarify this.

    For success, why would it be on the number of folks that show up? It seems to me that this measure would have little to do with the quality of your workshop. Although I think it could demonstrate earlier organizing efforts in the school. (I don’t see those listed in your action plan…how are you intending to organize folks to attend? What is the plan for that?) I am wondering if there is another way to think about this. Could it be that you build in some sort of first thoughts activity at the start of the workshop to ‘capture’ their current thinking about gender and then circle back to it at the end? Or ask them to end with a question that they are going to ponder? Or some sort of evaluation of your work? Spend more time expanding your definition of success.

    I also wonder how you are going to shape this workshop so that it fits with where folks are currently thinking. You don’t want to assume that they are trapped in sexist thinking only to realize that they are already questioning. Be cautious of how you imagine the students to be. It may be another form of oppression. How do you intend to plan this? How will this be aligned with Freire’s praxis cycle?

    Super exciting work here. Am I invited?

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