Class Notes for Wednesday, October 26th

Purpose for the work today: To improve our goals and

Agenda Steps and notes:

1)Are the “right” people at the table worksheet

2) Refine our goals

3) Improve our action plan

Did you accomplish the goal?

1) We somewhat accomplished our goal because we completed what we could in class of the worksheet. However, we could use input from Madalynn and Connor.

2) No, this goal is unfinished. We are undecided as to what workshops we will have and how long they will be. We believe that our first workshop should include at least two different workshop ideas combined into two different parts. Our second workshop day can apply what we have learned into the last two remaining workshop ideas. Next week, when we bring our draft workshop lesson plans, we will have to decide who will go when.

3) We amended our “measurable” goal on our action plan to include a better goal than just the numbers of students who attend our class. We want them to learn something about feminism beyond what they already know.

What are your next steps? Who is accountable?

We are going meet with faculty at Second Foundation School as a group. Friday morning is the best likely day to do this.

We also need to bring our lesson plans for our workshop this next Wednesday.


2 thoughts on “Class Notes for Wednesday, October 26th

  1. Hey all, sorry I wasn’t in class last week. I got into a minor bike accident that morning. When I came home at 5:00 I was completely exhausted and fell asleep for a couple hours. I will be prepared with my lesson plan idea for Wednesday, and I am also looking forward at revising our plan according to Kristy’s notes as a whole group. See you soon!

  2. Sorry this took so long to put up….

    I wanted to elaborate on our include that A relational meeting with Reba, Starri, Students, and other Faculty can strengthen our connection with the school and provide us with the opportunity to learn from the students about how to apply current issues to align with our workshop. We can learn the best way to either flyer or present the workshops.


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