New plan

Hey all. So since I am the only one who would be able to make the meeting tomorrow since Connor and Tay said they couldn’t (Kevin, maybe I have the wrong number for you?), Starri and I figured that since we are already acquainted, we can send her some of her information/progress via email. She just wants to make sure I fill you all in on SFS, so maybe I’ll do a more proper tutorial when we meet early next Wednesday before class. I believe you can also visit

The awesome news is that she’s totally down for a workshop on November 18th, and also wanted to know if we would be down to set up a second workshop for December 2nd. Hell yeah! Let’s get our shit together with the lesson plan we’ve been working on, and then we can work out tails off to turn Tay’s body image idea into a workshop too. Since meeting before class is all that really works for us, let’s make sure to put a lot of effort into revising the lesson plan so it is pretty much ready to go when we see each other on Wednesday, at least that’s my suggestion.

Also, perhaps if people want, we could take a field trip to SFS on Monday during that time slot that works for most of us (what, like noon?) and just go visit the place or something. Starri is really excited and says the school is always looking for volunteers. This is gonna be great. Let me know what you all think!


5 thoughts on “New plan

  1. My # should be the same: 612-276-2543.

    Also, let me know as soon as you confirm a time to meet. I have class until 11AM and am part of a voluntary study group that meets right after so will be on campus. We can all carpool with Connor from there, yeah?

  2. I don’t know if I can make it on Monday. Starri and I ended up finding no need for an official meeting, however, she said we can stop by whenever we want just to get a sense of the school. If you guys want to go on Monday, that’s all good, but I don’t think it’s something I can commit to. I’m trying to get some more tutoring hours in.

  3. Gotcha. While this time works for me, I would only attend if we had a planned meeting. What is their perspective on our draft lesson plans? Do we have a better idea of what time we will be allowed for both workshops? How do we publicize them to students so that they are aware of them?

  4. I have edited my draft and Connor’s draft together, and I figure that others may be doing similar things and hopefully we can collaborate on Wednesday. I don’t believe we have an actual time restraint, but I think we need to keep in mind how long we think is appropriate for a group of teenage students to participate in whatever we have planned. I personally do not want the gender harassment workshop to exceed an hour. Starri will be advertising the first workshop for us. If you would like to advertise for the workshop you are working on, feel free to do so. There is a board in the school where people put up fliers for upcoming classes.

  5. We’ll be meeting this Wednesday before class around 5:15-5:30 correct? I’m out of class at 5:15 and will be on my way and I will bring some sort of plan. How long do you think it could be? I guess I’m struggling with how to mix it in with the New Plan and how to work it in with the collaboration. Any ideas?

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