Assessing our work

I think we need to work not only on our workshops and how we currently envision them, but also consider how we are planning to assess the success of them.

I propose we have students fill out forms with same questions before and after the workshops. The could also include questions like “What do you expect to learn from this workshop” and “What did you learn or wished you had?” OR we could simply have them fill out a form at the end to let us know what they thought.

I would include questions (based on my own perspective) like:

!) What is your own definition of feminism?

2) How have feminist movements affected the rights of women?

3) What political issues affecting women’s rights do you think society should be addressing?

4) How do you feel these should be resolved?

5) Is there anything else you would like to add about how you felt or what you learned through this workshop?


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