Meeting Notes for 16 Nov 2011


1) Bust down walls of workshop 1 into four distinct pieces

2) Assign each piece to an individual member of this group

3) Practice our roles

Steps and Notes

1[&2]) Workshop broken down into [and assigned member to these]

a) Introduction [Madalyn]

b) Defining Gender Harassment [Tay]

c) What it looks / Feels Like [Kevin]

d) Standing up to your friends [Connor]

e) Activity [Madalyn]

f) Debrief [Madalyn]

3) Madalynn will post a revised workshop. We practiced our roles and will modify them slightly before Friday.

4) We discussed more about what the Second Foundations School and Madalynn’s understanding of this local private institution. We will meet at 10:40AM at the Purple Onion.


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