So this is kind of a superfluous post but I’m excited. I’m here at the MCTC computer lab/library waiting for Tay to be done with class so that we can go over to Second Foundation and do our first workshop on Gender Harassment. I’m pumped. I’m nervous. I don’t know what to expect. This should be an interesting time. I printed off tons of copies of our stuff and made little notecards for everyone just in case. I hope things go well.



2 thoughts on “WORKSHOP!

  1. Yeah, thanks a lot for being on top of that preparation for the workshop. I would have to agree talking with everyone about the workshop that we did a great job and I think it went really well. I’m excited to go back and do another one. Other than going back for the workshop I have been invited to come be a mentor for one of the students. I just wanted to share that as I’m pretty excited about it. I look forward to meeting up with everyone to prepare for our next workshop. Are we meeting this week when we’re not having class at all or another time? Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and I’ll see you next class if not before. Take it easy.


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