Friday’s Workshop

Hi, group! So, unfortunately due to a math test, I can’t come for Bustin’ Down Walls second workshop at Second Foundation School, as I had mentioned was most likely going to be the case. I’m pretty disappointed about this, but at least I have faith that you three are gonna rock it hopefully so hard that you will have the most satisfying bangover EVER.

Just to let you know, I did confirm with Starri that you will be there tomorrow around noon to conduct our second workshop. She had actually emailed me to confirm and is really looking forward to it. This is something we can discuss in the future, but the school would love to have us keep coming even past our project this semester. I don’t know where others stand, but I know that Tay is working on a mentoring relationship there, and I fully intend to keep fostering my relationship with this school as well. Oh, and if the school gets this grant, Starri mentioned giving us a (most likely modest) stipend ($$$$$$) if we continue to come.

You guys have to make sure to document EVERYTHING so I know how it goes! And whoever can blog about it afterwards do so right away! As I write this, I am realizing more and more how sad I am that I can’t come. I guess I’m gonna sleep on it, but if in the morning I decided, “Screw math!” and come to SFS instead of MCTC, I will text you guys.

Ok, well good luck! (maybe see you there if my heart strings keep a pullin’?)


One thought on “Friday’s Workshop

  1. I apologize again for not being well to make it to the 2nd workshop as well as our meeting for the presentation. Unfortunately we weren’t able to include me in the presentation meeting by phone or skype. I would like to help with the presentation including the video part that I said I would. I need to get the videos and it would be best for me to meet you at mctc. I will be on campus today (Monday) from 8am-5pm, I’ll be in Mpls area tommorow and could stop by to meet at school around 12p. I’d hate to have to wait until Wednesday but I will be on campus as early as 8am. Also, it’s not a big thing but it was frusterating to only hear back from Kevin through all my attempts to still be involved with the group for both the workshop and then presentation planning meeting. If you would like to get in touch with me the best way is on my phone, by calling or texting. Thanks.

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