Group Project Handout

I went minimalist on our handout. However, we only talked about these four links at our meeting. I have it setup as a half-page split vertically by columns on the word doc. Let me know if you have recommendations, though I may see you at our pre-meeting which will occur shortly.

The text is as follows:

  • Self-Esteem Act

    Would require all advertising that has been altered to have a “truth-in-advertsing” label indicating this.




  • MnNOW (Minnesota National Organization for Women)

    Mission since 1971:”Taking action to bring women into the mainstream of American society NOW, exercising all privileges and responsibili- ties thereof, in truly equal partnership with men. “




  • MNCAFE (Minnesota Constitutional Amendment for Equality) Coalition

    Coalition that seeks to add the following language to our state Constitution: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged or denied by the state of Minnesota or any of its political subdivisions on account of gender.”

    Twitter: mnCAFE



  • Second Foundations School

    A student-centered school. Students create their own schedules, attending classes they want to.

    219 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414



Group Members:

Tay Roy

Connor Macklin

Madalynn Grace

Kevin Chavis




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