Group Project Handout

I went minimalist on our handout. However, we only talked about these four links at our meeting. I have it setup as a half-page split vertically by columns on the word doc. Let me know if you have recommendations, though I may see you at our pre-meeting which will occur shortly.

The text is as follows:

  • Self-Esteem Act

    Would require all advertising that has been altered to have a “truth-in-advertsing” label indicating this.




  • MnNOW (Minnesota National Organization for Women)

    Mission since 1971:”Taking action to bring women into the mainstream of American society NOW, exercising all privileges and responsibili- ties thereof, in truly equal partnership with men. “




  • MNCAFE (Minnesota Constitutional Amendment for Equality) Coalition

    Coalition that seeks to add the following language to our state Constitution: “Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged or denied by the state of Minnesota or any of its political subdivisions on account of gender.”

    Twitter: mnCAFE



  • Second Foundations School

    A student-centered school. Students create their own schedules, attending classes they want to.

    219 University Ave. SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414



Group Members:

Tay Roy

Connor Macklin

Madalynn Grace

Kevin Chavis




The Self-Esteem Act


I just read this New York Times article about how a software program can detect whether photos have been photo-shopped or not. This is a big deal since much of the advertising that we see on a daily basis is fake. We all know that it creates this false notion of what beauty looks like, and how women are expected to strive towards this. 

I also read that there are groups focused on Congress passing a Self-Esteem Act, which would label altered photos in advertising. Essentially, we would be able to know that an ad was fake. Obviously, marketers and the media will fight this. However, this an excellent political action that overlaps that Barbie workshop. 

If students are interested, we could have them write letters to their congressperson or state senator(s) and ask them to support this. Any other ideas or thoughts?

Meeting Notes for 16 Nov 2011


1) Bust down walls of workshop 1 into four distinct pieces

2) Assign each piece to an individual member of this group

3) Practice our roles

Steps and Notes

1[&2]) Workshop broken down into [and assigned member to these]

a) Introduction [Madalyn]

b) Defining Gender Harassment [Tay]

c) What it looks / Feels Like [Kevin]

d) Standing up to your friends [Connor]

e) Activity [Madalyn]

f) Debrief [Madalyn]

3) Madalynn will post a revised workshop. We practiced our roles and will modify them slightly before Friday.

4) We discussed more about what the Second Foundations School and Madalynn’s understanding of this local private institution. We will meet at 10:40AM at the Purple Onion.

Assessing our work

I think we need to work not only on our workshops and how we currently envision them, but also consider how we are planning to assess the success of them.

I propose we have students fill out forms with same questions before and after the workshops. The could also include questions like “What do you expect to learn from this workshop” and “What did you learn or wished you had?” OR we could simply have them fill out a form at the end to let us know what they thought.

I would include questions (based on my own perspective) like:

!) What is your own definition of feminism?

2) How have feminist movements affected the rights of women?

3) What political issues affecting women’s rights do you think society should be addressing?

4) How do you feel these should be resolved?

5) Is there anything else you would like to add about how you felt or what you learned through this workshop?

Class Notes for Wednesday, October 26th

Purpose for the work today: To improve our goals and

Agenda Steps and notes:

1)Are the “right” people at the table worksheet

2) Refine our goals

3) Improve our action plan

Did you accomplish the goal?

1) We somewhat accomplished our goal because we completed what we could in class of the worksheet. However, we could use input from Madalynn and Connor.

2) No, this goal is unfinished. We are undecided as to what workshops we will have and how long they will be. We believe that our first workshop should include at least two different workshop ideas combined into two different parts. Our second workshop day can apply what we have learned into the last two remaining workshop ideas. Next week, when we bring our draft workshop lesson plans, we will have to decide who will go when.

3) We amended our “measurable” goal on our action plan to include a better goal than just the numbers of students who attend our class. We want them to learn something about feminism beyond what they already know.

What are your next steps? Who is accountable?

We are going meet with faculty at Second Foundation School as a group. Friday morning is the best likely day to do this.

We also need to bring our lesson plans for our workshop this next Wednesday.

Violence against women and classroom resources

One of the workshops we discussed having was a self-defense class. We should also consider having a workshop that might inform others about the violence against women in our society and where it comes from.

I found the White Ribbon campaign has an educational action kit on the subject. I also found a compilation of many subject matters at the site Miss G.

One book I found that dealt with teaching inequality in the classroom was Open Minds to Equality, which encompasses more than gender equality issues.I can’t find it in digital form, so we may need to find a copy – which MCTC’s library does not have.

I am still actively looking for short stories lacking gender – which for some reason is much harder than I assumed it would be. If need be, we may just have to take a story and change its character so we have no idea what gender they are.