Hey Group!

I apologize again for not being well to make it to the 2nd workshop as well as our meeting for the presentation. Unfortunately we weren’t able to include me in the presentation meeting by phone or skype. I would like to help with the presentation including the video part that I said I would. I need to get the videos and it would be best for me to meet you at mctc. I will be on campus today (Monday) from 8am-5pm, I’ll be in Mpls area tommorow and could stop by to meet at school around 12p. I’d hate to have to wait until Wednesday but I will be on campus as early as 8am. Also, it’s not a big thing but it was frusterating to only hear back from Kevin through all my attempts to still be involved with the group for both the workshop and then presentation planning meeting. If you would like to get in touch with me the best way is on my phone, by calling or texting. Thanks.


10/19 Agenda

1)      Madalynn shared that she contacted Reba who is a volunteer at the SFS. Madalynn confirms that Reba and Starri are welcoming to our project and workshops.

2)      Friday morning to go as a whole group to SFS. When?

3)      Generate activity ideas to encourage discussions.

10/5 Agenda and Discussion

10/5 Agenda and Discussion

During the hour that we had to discuss and plan with our group we set a time to meet on 10/12 at the classroom @ approx 5:15-5:30. Not sure whether or not this time will continue to work but this will be our initial meeting outside of class to further discuss our plans for our project. We exchanged phone numbers  to be able to stay in contact, updated, and available to the rising of ideas. We spent a good part of the hour discussing gender, feminism, and sexism.

(Please feel free to add or make changes to this agenda)

I’m getting more and more excited with every step towards making our plan for our project. There’s no doubt in my mind that I’m in the right group for this class.


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